Yavor Georgiev

Yavor is Co-founder and Head of Product at fusebit.io, a startup that makes in-product extensibility and integrations painless for SaaS developers. Previously at Auth0, Hulu, and Microsoft Azure.

Speaking at WPC 2012

08 November 2012

I’m very excited to be speaking at the upcoming WPC conference (@wpc_2012) in Milan on November 20-22. My first session is an overview of the Windows Azure SDK and I’m co-presenting that session with Francesco Diaz (@francedit), who introduced me to the conference and made it possible for me to attend. In my second talk, I will focus on writing lightweight apps on Azure using Node.js and Mobile Services. Here are the two abstracts, also you can check the agenda page for more information. I’m excited about my talks and looking forward to making new friends in Italy!

CI3009 - Windows Azure SDK : Present and Future

Windows Azure SDK and the tools offer a great option for developers to work with different languages in the same platform. Join our session to see .NET, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js working together in Windows Azure. Understand how the SDK is evolving and see the roadmap of the platform.

Level: 300
Track: Cloud & Integration
Speakers: Francesco Diaz Yavor Georgiev

CI3018 - Catching up to startups: Lightweight app hosting in Windows Azure

You think Heroku or Parse offer the easiest and fastest way to get started with an app in the cloud? Think again… Windows Azure has added some exciting new features that make it as fast and agile as its most hip competitors. Come learn how to host Node applications in Azure websites and virtual machines using only a text editor and some command-line tools… even from a Mac. We will also show how to develop a backend for your Azure mobile app in minutes, whether you are using Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, or even IOS. This session will be full of great open-source technologies and will also give you a peek at the team’s plans going forward.

Level: 300
Track: Cloud & Integration
Speakers: Yavor Georgiev