Yavor Georgiev

Yavor is Co-founder and Head of Product at fusebit.io, a startup that makes in-product extensibility and integrations painless for SaaS developers. Previously at Auth0, Hulu, and Microsoft Azure.

Site creation in "azure" tool temporarily unavailable

15 September 2012

Update: It appears that azure site start/stop are also affected. We are working on a fix for both issues.

We are experiencing a temporary bug in the “azure” cross-platform tool for Mac and Linux. Some recent changes in the Windows Azure Websites API have broken some of the site creation functionality supported by the tool.

If you create a site using the site create command similar to what is shown below,  you will experience an “Access is denied.” message.

azure site create yavortest --git
info:    Executing command site create
+ Enumerating locations
+ Enumerating sites
+ Retrieving user information
error:   Access is denied.
error:   site create command failed

We are sorry for this temporary inconvenience. We will push a fix to the Azure Websites API within the upcoming few weeks. In the mean time, please use the portal to create your sites and configure Git publishing.